NOTICE: Annual CSD-1 Testing is REQUIRED in the state of Michigan on ALL commercial boiler applications

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Jennifer M. Granholm

State of Michigan

Robert W. Swanson
Director Lansing


You are receiving this notice because our records indicate that you are the owner/user of a boiler required to be registered with the State of Michigan. Under boiler law and rules, 1965 PA 290, you have certain responsibilities to assure the continued safe operation of your boiler. New boiler installation, repair, inspection and testing requirements become effective November 6, 2006 with issuance of rule changes. Following are some major changes to the rules.

R 408.4024 Adoption: National Board Inspection Code (NBIC)
Repairs to power boilers and high temperature hot water boilers and alterations to any boiler must be conducted by a licensed boiler repairer in possession of a national “R” stamp certificate. Repairs to low pressure boilers will continue to be conducted by licensed boiler repairers.

R 408.4027 Adoption: ASME code CSD-1
In previous years only boilers between 400,000 btu/hr and 12,500,000 btu/hr input required annual testing of controls and safety devices. The new rules require testing of all boilers less than 12,500,000 btu/hr input. The testing must be conducted by a licensed mechanical contractor with appropriate classification pursuant to 1984 PA 192, the Forbes Mechanical Act.

The current rules will remain on the bureau’s web site until the proposed rules become effective. However the amendments to the rules may be viewed by accessing the web site at, click on the Administrative Rules and Public Acts then on administrative rules to view the boiler rules.

Space does not allow for detailed listing of all the changes to these rules. You are encouraged to visit the web site after November 6th and review the rules. You can also purchase a copy of the 2005 Michigan boiler rules by sending a check or money order for $10.00 made payable to the State of Michigan with a written request to:

Bureau of Construction Codes/Boiler Division
PO Box 30254
Lansing, MI 48909


The below is an excerpt taken from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth 2008 Michigan Boiler Code Rules. The document can be seen in its entirety at:

Note: Amendments to the Michigan Boiler Rules become effective July 27, 2009. The rules adopt by reference the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 2007 edition and 2008a addenda Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes for the construction and installation of boilers and The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI) Inspection Code (NBIC) for inspection, installation, and repair of boilers.

R 408.4027 Adoption; ASME code CSD-1.

Rule 27. (1) The owner shall ensure that the installation, maintenance, operation, and testing of controls and safety devices is in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and ASME code CSD-1, 2006 edition, except as modified by these rules. The code is adopted by reference in these rules and available for inspection at the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, Bureau of Construction Codes, 6546 Mercantile Way, Lansing, Michigan 48911 or from the ASME, 22 Law Drive, Fairfield, New Jersey 07007, at a cost as of the time of adoption of these amendatory rules of $85.00.

(2) An owner or user of a boiler system shall ensure that the maintenance and testing of controls and safety devices is conducted by an individual with a valid mechanical contractor license with the appropriate classification pursuant to 1984 PA 192, MCL 338.971 et seq.

(3) An owner or user shall provide the inspector, at the time of certificate inspection, with evidence showing what tests have been completed annually. The evidence shall be a dated and signed service report or checklist, listing each control and safety device tested with the manufacturer’s name, model number, set point, and actual operational test point. An example of a report or checklist may be found in CSD-1, 2006 edition 7, appendix C. If an owner does not provide the inspector with the required evidence of annual testing for each year between certificate inspections, then the inspector may, issue a certificate of inspection for a term less than that stated in R 408.4057.

Exception: For hot water heating boilers with a BTU input of 400,000 or less, the requirements of this rule need only be conducted once during an inspection cycle but shall be performed within 12 months prior to the certificate inspection required by R 408.4057(1)(c).
(4) The owner, user, or operator of a boiler system shall ensure that the daily, weekly, and monthly operational checks are performed and documented pursuant to the manufacturer’s instructions and these rules. If the manufacturer’s instructions are not available, CSD-1, 2006 edition, nonmandatory appendix D contains a recommended checklist for additional information on periodic checks.

(5) A manually operated remote shutdown switch as required by CSD-1, 2006 edition, shall be located outside of each exit access doorway to the boiler room. The switch may be located just inside each exit access doorway should a possibility of tampering or weather conditions exist. A licensee may request a deviation from the requirements of this subrule by submitting drawings clearly showing the deviation and stating justification for the request to the chief inspector for review and approval before the installation of a boiler. The chief inspector shall notify the licensee of the approval or denial of the request.

(6) A single manually-operated remote shutdown switch may be used in a multiple boiler installation that shares a common boiler room. Exception: Kitchen cooking boilers, steam kettles, and steam cookers used for food preparation located in a kitchen shall be exempt from a manually operated remote shutdown switch.

(7) Where applicable, the boiler installation shall comply with the Michigan mechanical code, R 408.30901 to R 408.30998, Michigan plumbing code, R 408.30701 to R 408.30796 and Michigan electrical code, R 408.30801 to R 408.30880./p>

Tech Mechanical can test and repair all commercial style boilers. However, here are some of the more common brands of commercial boilers. Before calling to schedule your CSD-1 testing, please get the model and serial number from your boiler.


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